Our mission
Through smart technology and smart management, maximize the value of agricultural production, solve global food supply, aging, labor shortage and other issues, and create a harmonious society of man, machine and nature.

Since establishment, Strength has taken "Solving global agricultural problems and maximizing the value of agricultural production" as its purpose. We hope to achieve efficient farm management and increase high-value crops output through high-tech methods such as automation, intelligence, unmanned, and data informatization,promote a virtuous cycle of agricultural production, change the future of agriculture, enrich people's lives, and achieve the sustainable development of the entire society.

Strength specializes in providing intelligent agricultural machinery and solutions, with the purpose of "sustainable development and environmental protection", develops and maintains a high-quality living environment, uses artificial intelligence and information communication technology to achieve labor-saving precision agriculture, pursues efficient production, and strives to reduce The environmental burden of agriculture, the recycling of resources, and truly realize the harmonious production of nature and machinery.

High Adaptability

The whole process of visual supervision ensures production quality, management efficiency and operational safety, which is more efficient and safer than manual operation.

Strength is the leader in the field of intelligent agricultural machinery. Our intelligent agricultural machinery is not only distinctive in appearance, but also impeccable in terms of driving and riding, operability, and comfort, allowing customers to obtain a sense of pleasure and excitement during operation.

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Our automated and unmanned agricultural machinery can enable farmers to cultivate in inclined fields without holding the steering wheel. Rice transplanters with straight-line function and tractors equipped with automatic steering have improved the actual use accuracy and are equipped with support system.

We continue to focus on research and development to further improve the intelligence and efficiency of farming and harvesting processes, to achieve precision agriculture with minimal labor demand, to help overcome the challenges of labor reduction and population aging, and to make agriculture more prosperous.

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Visual Operation

Use robotics and information communication technology to efficiently cultivate crops, carry out information management and operation of farms, and promote the realization of super labor saving, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality smart agriculture.

We use data informatization and in-depth communication with machinery to collect and analyze work progress, cultivation management and crop information, assist in farm operations, collect and analyze farm information in the cloud, and use robotics and information communication technology to efficiently cultivate crops and carry out farm Information management and operation,promote the realization of intelligent agriculture that is super labor-saving, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, and high-quality.

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Strength adheres to the principles of "high performance", "energy saving" and "saving manpower" and follows the sustainable development strategy of agricultural production.

Strength is committed to achieving precise, efficient and intelligent agriculture that saves labor and resources through artificial intelligence and information and communication technology, and reduces Environmental consumption and burden, to achieve a state of harmony between nature and machinery.

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More Environmentally Friendly

Strength Smart Agricultural Machinery takes "sustainable development" and "environmental protection" as the core.

Strength Smart Agricultural Machinery takes "sustainable development" and "environmental protection" as the core, realizes green and smart agriculture with low emission, low carbon cycle and low pollution, and helps industries all over the world. We provide a variety of engines to meet the needs of all customers.

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Longer Development

LANDTOP using robotics and information communication technology, from cultivation to farm operation, professional Provide development and production solutions to optimize the quality of agricultural products, improve farm management efficiency, minimize labor, and maximize agricultural value, popularize smart agriculture, focusing on automation-based super labor saving and data-based precision agriculture, making agriculture to be the stronger and more attractive industry.

Cover and protect what you care– this is the essence of what our products are made to do. We offer the full range of covering products, from waterproof film to high-quality membrane system, as well as accessories and fixings. A strong focus on major fabric manufacturing to offer high-quality technical fabric at competitive prices.

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