Smart Agriculture, Benefiting Mankind

Landtop as an agricultural machinery brand under the STRENGTH Group——a global leader in intelligent machinery,focuses on providing one-stop solution design, production and distribution for modern agriculture machinery. The product line covers tractors, harvesters, dryers, cash crop machinery, etc.

Company Introduction

Strength Group is a global leader in intelligent machinery, covering textile machinery, hygiene and health machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. With more than 50 years of industry experience and global leading technology, Strength Group has the mission of "enabling China's intelligent manufacturing", to discover the harmony between human, nature and machine.The Landtop agricultural machinery under Strength Group focuses on providing one-stop solution: design, production and distribution of modern agricultural machinery, covering product lines such as tractors, harvesters, dryers, cultivators, sprayers and many other cash crop machinery. Landtop has established strategic cooperation with YTO, Zoomlion, Lovol, Dongfeng as well as other top-tier domestic and overseas well-known enterprises to provide customers with high-quality products, solutions and professional services, to slove the problems of food, resources, environmental protection and aging society, and to realize a prosperous and harmonious human society.

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By developing and producing intelligent agricultural machinery and providing production solutions, it helps farms increase productivity and profitability, reduce labor costs, achieve sustainable development of agricultural production, and solve the problems of food, aging, resources, and environmental protection. Discover the harmony between nature, humans and machines, and help the development of agriculture to realize a prosperous and harmonious human society.We aspire to become a benchmark enterprise in the field of smart agricultural machinery and smart agriculture, innovate traditional agricultural production, lead agricultural production to new heights, and strive to achieve global synergy of product standardization, so that products and services can better reflect the value of customers and improve human life through smart manufacturing.

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Social Responsibility

We take "customer first" as our tenet and are extremely sensitive to changes in customer needs. We are committed to building a fast-response and efficient collaborative innovation chain, centered on the direction of intelligent, sustainable, and green research and development. We have a world-leading technology research and development team, equipped with professional testing equipment and development tools provide customers with multi-level testing and strict control of high-quality products and solutions, and provide strong technical support for customer consultation, pre-sales and after-sales services.We focus on sustainable and green technology, and have accumulated successful experience in the process of cooperating with many internationally renowned companies. Our global product design and marketing have always been standardized and efficient, products have always been environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.

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Smart Agriculture

Strength adheres to the tenet of “solving global agricultural problems and maximizing the value of agricultural production”, realizes precision agriculture through high-tech methods such as automation, intelligence, unmanned, and data informatization, develops and provides products and solutions, and realizes Humanized, visualized, and efficient management. In the future, we will further build smart agriculture, use smart systems to collect and analyze farm work data, create a high-efficiency, low-cost, sustainable, and more environmentally friendly farm management system, and produce safer and healthier Crops,change the future of agriculture.

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