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— Excellent Service

Landtop always focuses on offering excellent and worry-free service for your business. Our experienced experts will provide our customers with timely and effective integrated services in sales, maintenance, spare parts, and comprehensive technical support.

Timely Engineer Assistance

Our professional engineers will stay online to provide customers with timely and effective assistance regarding any equipment operation and technical issues.

Spare Parts Support

Landtop has also been committed to exploring and manufacturing spare parts that perfectly fit in separate solutions. We have 100% of original high-quality spare parts guarantee and specialized packaging to ensure safe delivery of parts, which enable you to upgrade your production, and boost quality and profitability to a new level.

After-sales service

Have you worry about the service after the sales done? To maximize the life and performance of your tractors, our after-sales team will provide you with professional support including 1 year guarantee, spare parts support, online and timely assistance regarding your operational problems about equipment, etc.

— Professional Solutions
Landtop promises to provide professional solutions according to application in different fields and customer requirements, such as small horsepower and compact tractors applied in orchard and garden. We strive to achieve:
  • Solution optimization
  • Equipment practicality
  • Application diversity
— Cooperated Customers —
  • - Customer Case 1

    Cooperation date: January, 2021Application location: A farm located in Victoria, AustraliaEquipment model: LT-M804-B & LT-M1404-5X

    On January of 2021, Mr. Mount from a medium scale farm in Victoria, Australia successfully cooperated with us. They purchased an 80HP all wheel drive tractor as common farm machinery and a 140HP all wheel drive tractor as reclamation machinery on the farm, efficiently completing the land leveling and reclamation with our towed rotary cultivator parts, ditching and backfilling parts. Mr. Mount has been highly satisfied with our equipment and service.

  • - Customer Case 2

    Cooperation date: November, 2020Application location: Uttar Pradesh, IndiaEquipment model: LT-M1004-3Y

    In November 2020, Mr. Asaad from Uttar Pradesh, India cooperated with Landtop. Combining 60 Landtop sugarcane harvesters with 100HP all wheel drive tractor to complete the entire process of harvest, slash, and transportation. This successfully reduced 17% of fuel and 65% of labor cost, shortening the harvest time by 9 days, and substantially improved the business profits in the local area.

— Better Earth, Better Life —