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Hunan builds a highland of smart and intelligent agricultural machinery

Hunan builds a highland of smart and intelligent agricultural machinery

Issue Time:2021-08-13
Hunan builds a highland of smart and intelligent agricultural machinery
Agricultural machinery monitoring speeds up "net weaving", and agricultural machinery operations have opened "clairvoyance". The reporter learned from the Hunan Provincial Agricultural Machinery Affairs Center today that the Hunan Provincial Agricultural Machinery Monitoring System has been connected to 90 county-level platforms, and the agricultural machinery operation site is clear at a glance, and the mechanized increase in production and income is more secure.

According to reports, the agricultural machinery monitoring system uses Beidou navigation and positioning technology, wireless communication technology and detection and sensing technology to accurately monitor the process and area of agricultural machinery operations. As of early August, the platform monitored 10,990 large and medium-sized agricultural machinery terminals, and monitored a total area of 4.063 million mu of various mechanized operations.
Since the beginning of this year, the province has accelerated the creation of a smart and intelligent agricultural machinery highland. The Hunan Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Innovation R&D Center was recently established and hired academicians Luo Xiwen and Zhao Chunjiang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering to lead the research to break through the technical bottleneck of the "stuck neck". The province focuses on building two agricultural machinery manufacturing bases, Hanshou and Shuangfeng, and constructs "one center, two bases and three demonstration areas" such as double-cropping rice full-process mechanization demonstration areas, hilly and mountainous facilities agriculture demonstration areas, and digital agriculture demonstration areas, and promotes the "three highs" The "Four New" strategy was implemented.

Technology empowers the "iron cow", and the fields are full of "wisdom". The first unmanned farm was created in Wangcheng District, Changsha, to realize the mechanized rice planting process without human operation. At the Zhonglian Smart Agriculture Demonstration Base in Caowei Town, Yuanjiang City, and West Dongting Management District of Changde City, reporters saw various instruments for soil moisture data collection, seedling observation, and pest monitoring and reporting in the fields. The staff told reporters that the base uses technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, and smart manufacturing to explore a standard system for digital rice cultivation.

"Field equipment collects data on temperature, light, moisture, etc., and monitors soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium content, and insect status dynamics." According to the person in charge of the China United Smart Agriculture Project, the data is used to accurately guide rice production and effectively reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Compared with ordinary planting, it can save more than 200 yuan per mu.
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