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Landtop agricultural machinery unmanned technology, stunning the world

Landtop agricultural machinery unmanned technology, stunning the world

Issue Time:2021-08-13

Landtop agricultural machinery unmanned technology, stunning the world

Agricultural machinery refers to various machinery used in the production process of crop planting and animal husbandry, as well as the initial processing and treatment of agricultural and storage products. According to the industry standard "Classification of Agricultural Machinery" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural machinery is divided into 14 categories, including planting and fertilizing machinery, field management machinery, and harvesting machinery.


Agricultural machinery market situation

Significant results have been achieved in the development of China's agricultural machinery equipment. The total power of China's agricultural machinery increased from 725 million kilowatts in 2006 to 1.117 billion kilowatts in 2015, a cumulative increase of 54.06%. In 2015, the main business income of China's agricultural machinery industrial enterprises above designated size reached 428.4 billion yuan, an increase of 73.6% from the end of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan; the comprehensive mechanization rate of China's crop cultivation and harvest increased to 63%.


(Total power of agricultural machinery (10,000 kilowatts))

There is still room for improvement in the rate of agricultural mechanization, and the product structure will be further optimized. In 2015, China's comprehensive agricultural mechanization rate was about 63%, and the goal by 2025 is to reach 75%. On the whole, the rate of agricultural mechanization will continue to increase, and there will be more room in some subdivisions: 1. The range of varieties will be expanded. Among the staple food varieties, wheat has a higher degree of mechanization, and corn and rice have more room for growth; The rate of mechanization in cash crops is still very low, such as cotton, sugar cane, potatoes, etc., which have a lot of room for growth. 2. Expansion of production links. China's agricultural mechanization is mainly reflected in the plowing stage, but the mechanization rate before and after plowing still needs to be improved. With the advancement of the full mechanization of crop production, the demand for agricultural machinery and equipment in the pre- and post-plowing links will gradually be released .


The current domestic agricultural plant protection drone market is in the early stages of growth. The plant protection machinery currently in use in China is still dominated by manual and small electric sprayers, of which manual spraying machinery and knapsack machinery account for the majority, and UAV plant protection accounts for less than 1%. We believe that three factors, including the increase in the rate of agricultural production mechanization, the increase in the economics of plant protection drones, and the support of industrial policies, will gradually open up the market demand for plant protection drones.


political advantage

In the future, the market size of the whole plant protection UAV machine sales market can reach several billion yuan every year. According to the results of the second land survey in China, the domestic cultivated land area is about 2.027 billion mu, and the actual effective cultivated area is 1.832 billion mu. We assume that the coverage density of plant protection drones in the future is 3000 acres per frame. When the penetration rate of drones reaches 20%, the corresponding demand for the whole drone is about 122,100. Estimate the future overall market based on the unit price of 200,000 yuan. The scale is about 24.4 billion yuan. Assuming that the target of 20% penetration rate is reached by 2020, the average annual market size in the next five years will reach 4.88 billion yuan.

The central governments financial subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery increased from 78 million yuan in 2004 to 23.6 billion yuan in 2015, an increase of more than 300 times; subsidized models have been expanded to 175 items in 12 categories, basically covering the main areas of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery. Machinery and equipment, the scope of subsidies has also reached all the agricultural and animal husbandry counties in China. The increase in agricultural machinery subsidy funds has accelerated the domestic agricultural mechanization process and the development of the agricultural machinery equipment industry.


(Agricultural purchase subsidies (100 million yuan))

In 2014, the No. 1 Central Document proposed to accelerate the construction of agricultural aviation. The national level began to attach importance to the construction of agricultural aviation, and various local governments have successively introduced relevant policies to support the development of the plant protection drone industry. Henan Provincial Finance has allocated special funds for the purchase of drones. After deducting provincial subsidies and agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, users can purchase plant protection drones at only 1/3 of the price.


As agriculture is facing the transformation from artificialization to mechanization, automation, and intelligence, in order to ensure production efficiency and agricultural output, agricultural machinery has become the key. It can be seen that the development potential of agricultural machinery is unlimited, policy support, and the prospects are promising. At present, what are the brands of agricultural machinery with high cost performance, advanced technology and reliable quality on the market?


Landtop agricultural machinery brand

The Landtop agricultural machinery brand under Strength, with the purpose of "solving global agricultural problems and maximizing the value of agricultural production", focuses on providing one-stop solution design, production and distribution for modern agriculture, covering tractors, harvesters, and dryers , Economic crop machinery and other product lines. Focus on building intelligent agricultural equipment, management systems and modern agricultural technical services, and realize precision agriculture through high-tech methods such as automation, intelligence, unmanned, and data informatization, so that agricultural machinery has a stronger configuration, efficient and convenient use experience.


Through the development and production of intelligent agricultural machinery and the provision of production solutions, the unmanned, visualized, and efficient management of farms will be realized. In the future, smart agriculture will be further built, and intelligent systems will be used to collect and analyze farm work data to create high efficiency, low cost, and sustainability. , A more environmentally friendly farm management system to produce safer and healthier crops and change the future of agriculture.


Establish strategic cooperation with YTO, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Lovol, Dongfeng and other top domestic and overseas well-known companies to help farms increase productivity and profitability, reduce labor costs, achieve sustainable development of agricultural production, and solve food, aging, and Resources and environmental protection issues. Discover the harmony between nature, humans and machines, and help the development of agriculture to realize a prosperous and harmonious human society.


Landtop unmanned driving technology

Agricultural machinery unmanned driving technology is the core technology to realize unmanned operation, involving multiple disciplines such as computer, electronics, control and communication.


The purpose of the research on tractor unmanned technology is to enable the tractor to have the ability to walk and work autonomously. During the operation, the control system will constantly compare the deviation between the real position of the tractor and the planned path, and issue commands to the steering system of the tractor to allow the tractor to quickly and accurately correct the forward direction, so that the tractor is always on the correct course. Because the tractors task is to mount agricultural machinery and implement production operations, it must also be combined with the characteristics of the task to control the tractors engine speed reasonably and smoothly, raise or lower the agricultural machinery. Set relevant job parameters.


Unmanned agricultural machinery mainly includes four key technologies: positioning, control, planning, and perception.


1. Positioning. High-precision positioning is the most basic requirement for unmanned agricultural machinery. Beidou can provide all-weather, high-precision and real-time position, speed and time information. After the differential change, the positioning accuracy of the Beidou terminal can reach 1 cm. Therefore, whether the tractor is off track in the field can be immediately judged by Beidou positioning.


2. Control. It includes two parts: vehicle navigation control and machine tool operation control. Vehicle navigation control mainly includes lateral deviation control, engine start-stop control, longitudinal speed control, brake control and transmission ratio control. The new generation of tractors generally adopt wire-controlled chassis. We only need to formulate a control strategy to carry out real-time precise control through the CAN bus. Machine tool operation control mainly includes two aspects. One is the control of the suspension device, raising and lowering the agricultural machine; the other is the control of the internal mechanism of the machine. Take the intelligent electric control planter as an example, connect the planter to the CAN network, and you can The planter's plant spacing, the start and stop of the seeding monomer and the amount of fertilizer are precisely controlled.


3. Planning. After realizing the autonomous control of agricultural machinery, we have to tell the agricultural machinery what path to work and turn along, and set the corresponding speed in different areas. Therefore, we must survey and map farmland in advance, plan the optimal path of agricultural machinery operation according to the farmland boundary and the distribution of obstacles, and let the agricultural machinery "find the map" to work.


4. Perception. Unmanned agricultural machinery should also have certain perception capabilities, mainly using sensors such as millimeter wave radar, lidar, and cameras to accurately identify people and dynamic obstacles.


Landtop agricultural machinery realizes automation and unmanned driving, allowing farmers to cultivate in inclined fields without holding the steering wheel. The rice transplanter with straight-line function and the tractor equipped with automatic steering have improved the actual use accuracy. We continue to focus on research and development to further improve the intelligence and efficiency of farming and harvesting processes, to achieve precision agriculture with minimal labor demand, to help overcome the challenges of labor reduction and population aging, and to make agriculture more prosperous.


Advantages of agricultural unmanned driving technology

Unmanned tractor technology has three main advantages: improving operation accuracy, improving operation efficiency, and reducing input costs.

1. Improve operation accuracy

The accuracy of Landtop agricultural machine operators can be controlled at ±10cm in the field, but after a long time of work, the accuracy of the operation will be greatly reduced, while the agricultural machinery based on Beidou's automatic navigation technology can achieve accuracy of ±2.5cm and stability. High, can effectively avoid replay and missed broadcast, and improve land utilization. In addition, according to the path data stored in the automatic navigation process, the tractor can also be positioned to a fixed work path during different work periods.


2. Improve work efficiency

Unmanned driving can free the driver from monotonous repetitive and high-intensity labor, extend working time, and increase the utilization rate of locomotives. The driver only needs to drive the agricultural machinery into the field, and then leave the agricultural machinery, use the mobile phone to start the agricultural machinery remotely, and do a good job supervision work.


3. Reduce input costs

Since the unmanned driving has a smoother operating speed, superior power control performance, and the optimal path planning scheme, unnecessary travel distances are reduced, so it can effectively reduce fuel consumption and reduce environmental pollution. In addition, it can also reduce the reseeding rate, reduce the consumption of seed fertilizer, and reduce unnecessary compaction of the soil.


Landtop performance advantages

1.Powerful & reliable

Brand-name and high-quality engine of National Emission Standard ll is selected, which is powerful,reliable and economical.


The 10-nch double-acting clutch that works independently is applied, which is made of imported fiction material with large torque reserve coefficient and high reliability.


The shifting yoke is more reliable with longer service life since inblock cast is applied.


2.Comfortable driving & easy operation

The 12F+12R shuttle shift is smoother and more comfortable , which improves the continuous shifting and thus the efficiency.


3.Excellent performance and high operation efficiency

The enhanced two-speed power output can be matched with more machines and tools to meet the needs of various operations.


The semi-partition lifter can work better with force-position control.The rear track is adjustable to meet various agronomic requirements.


The fuel tank of large capacity works more efficiently.The whole machine is tightly sealed without ""three leaks".


4.upgraded items of the product

The drive axle is improved from floating ail seal to box-type oil seal;


the oil seal of key parts of the transmission system,such as half shaft,power take-off shaft is improved to NAK box-type oil seal for better sealing.


The Strength Group, the parent company of the Landtop brand, is a global leader in intelligent machinery, currently covering textile machinery automation, sanitation and health machinery automation, agricultural machinery automation and other fields. With more than 50 years of industry experience and global leading technology, with "empowering China's intelligent manufacturing as its mission", to discover the harmony between man, nature and machine, and to create a prosperous new era, it is a trustworthy and eternal partner. Our R&D and production of agricultural machinery has leading technology, excellent quality and professional services. Welcome to inquire in detail.


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