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How to Solve Issues With Small Farm Tractors

How to Solve Issues With Small Farm Tractors

Issue Time:2021-11-16

How to Solve Issues With Small Farm Tractors

Agriculture is the core issue concerning the countrys development. Because of the current world main food production labor lack, agricultural machinery equipment plays an significant role in agricultural country. Tractor is a good agricultural tool. Tractor converts machine energy into mechanical energy, which is used as a puller or pusher for loads that require large power. It’s basically a machine that provides machine power for performing agricultural tasks. Tractors can be used to pull a variety of farm implements for plowing, planting, cultivating, fertilizing, and harvesting crops, and can also be used for hauling materials and personal transportation. Tractors are widely used to cultivate land in agriculture. For example, they are used to plow on rice fields and plantations before planting.

On rice fields and plantations, if you plow the land manually it would cost more money and consume more time. By using tractor, you can plow your land faster and effectively rather than using manual tools such as hoes. This is the main reason farmers choose to cultivate their land using tractor. Another advantage of using a tractor is better soil yields. This is because using a tractor with a machine, the soil that is loosened is deeper, so when the soil yield is better, the plants planted on it can also provide better yields. However, there are also some questions to the use of some small farm tractors.


1. Discharge of Large Particulate Pollutants

The common question of the tractor engine is that this equipment caused air pollution. Air pollution means the presence of one or more chemical, biological and physical substances in the atmosphere where it can endanger all living things on earth. Exposure to high levels of air pollution can cause a variety of adverse health outcomes. Fighting air pollution is everybodys responsibility. We all need to do more, a lot more. Swiftly and proactively to reduce air pollution. short and long term exposure to air pollutants have been associated with health impacts. Concerted and coordinated efforts with active involvement of all the sectors is imperative.

2. Large Fuel Consumption

Tractors work with machines so they need fuel, therefore the costs incurred are not only for maintenance, but also for fuel. Without fuel the tractor cannot run for use.

Fuel is a material that can be converted into energy, because fuel contains heat energy that can be released and manipulated. There are various types of fuel that tractor use, such as kerosene, diesel, gasoline, and LP gas.

It increases the risk of respiratory infections, heart disease and lung cancer. Major sources of air pollution include inefficient modes of transport (polluting fuels and vehicles), inefficient combustion of household fuels for cooking, lighting and heating, coal-fired power plants, agriculture, and waste burning. so the tractors engines are particularly important for decrease the air pollution.

3. Requires Frequently maintenance

Tractors can dramatically improve the productivity of farming by increasing the amount of land that one person can effectively farm. Using a tractor with a machine, the soil that is loosened is deeper, so when the soil yield is better, the plants planted on it can also provide better yields.


Meanwhile, if you use a hoe, the soil loosening process may result in uneven results, depending on the strength of the hoe. However, they requires frequently maintenance.You must have access to repair parts, tools, and knowledge on how to effect the repairs. They also require routine maintenance and clean fuel. Tractors burn fossil fuels and cause air pollution and waste products such as used oil and filters that must be properly disposed of to avoid contaminating ground water. For regular farmers, regular maintenance is a time-consuming business.

So the tractor machine that is use for agricultural purpose has its questions. This can be adapted to your needs and efficiency in working on agricultural land. The parts of the small farm tractor are different for each type, as well as their questions may vary, depending on the type of tractors.

All Landtop tractors meet the requirement of Europe’s emission standards, that is to say, the exhaust pollutants content is equivalent to the European content, the difference is that the new car must be installed with an OBD, namely the on-board self-diagnosis system. The characteristics of the onboard self-diagnosis system are characterized by the increased detection points and detection systems, and the aerobic sensors on the import and export of the ternary catalytic converter. Complete real-time monitoring of vehicle emissions can more ensure the implementation of European emission standards. The Landtop tractors can decrease large particulate pollutants by using a highly filtered fuel engine. Our small farm tractor saves fuel, releases less harmful nitrogen oxides, and meets the European environmental standards. Being a sustainable and responsible enterprise, we are committed to achieving the balance between human equality, long-term corporate profits, and environmental development. We made our best effort to positively impact our enterprise development, environmental sustainability, human and social equality, and economics.

Besides, Landtop provides farmers with the highest level of productivity in large acreage enterprises. Our track suspension systems allow for better traction and speed on every terrain, without sacrificing horsepower or control. Our product provides clients best warrantywhich guarantee client needn’t frequently maintenance while using tractors.

 Landtop delivers agricultural solutions to farmers worldwide through a full line of tractors, combine harvesters, hay and forage equipment, seeding and tillage implements, as well as replacement parts. We are always ready to be your reliable and eternal partner. Landtop promises to provide professional solutions according to application in different fields and customer requirements, such as small horsepower and compact tractors applied in orchards and gardens. We strive to provide the best service for our clients. 

— Better Earth, Better Life —

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