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The Application to Technical Advantages and Maintenance Precautions of Large-power Tractors

The Application to Technical Advantages and Maintenance Precautions of Large-power Tractors

Issue Time:2021-11-23

With the popularization of agricultural mechanized production and the advancement of the worlds agricultural machinery production technology, the advanced level of agricultural machinery has become an important criterion for measuring the level of agricultural production. Farmers have gradually adapted to the new situation of agricultural mechanization operations, coupled with the continuous strengthening of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, farmerspurchase burden has been significantly reduced, and more and more agricultural machinery has been purchased and used. 

As an advanced model of modern production, big tractors are widely welcomed by farmers because of their high efficiency and energy-saving advantages. Large power tractors are advanced and technically complex agricultural machinery. The performance of their performance requires a correct operation, reasonable maintenance, and maintenance by the driver. This requires the majority of agricultural machinery users to pay attention to improving their agricultural machinery driving ability and establish scientific maintenance awareness. To ensure the advancement of Large power tractors.

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Technical advantages of Large power tractors

First of all, a large power tractor is a basis for the application of advanced supporting equipment. Modern advanced agricultural machinery mostly adopts the form of function integration, that is to say, integrate many agricultural production functions, and strive to complete multiple agricultural production processes in one operation, which is conducive to reducing the number of agricultural machinery entering the ground and simplifying the complexity of agricultural machinery production procedures. The integration of agricultural machinery functions requires that the power of agricultural machinery must be improved. It is difficult for traditional small and medium horsepower tractors to complete the related requirements of complex agricultural machinery operations, such as compound soil preparation machines, potato soil preparation, and seeding integrated machines, combine harvesters, etc. A Large power tractor is needed to complete the corresponding work. And because the Large power tractor is equipped with more advanced technology, it is easier to combine with advanced agricultural machinery in terms of hydraulic, electronic control, and fault detection, and it can also ensure the use of new technologies in supporting agricultural machinery.

Besides, large power tractors are conducive to energy saving. With Large power tractors supporting advanced agricultural machinery operations, it can exert high efficiency on contiguous arable land. Taking a large power tractor with sub-soil equipment for operation as an example can significantly reduce the time consumption in the process of mechanical operation. High-efficiency operation reduces the amount of fuel used, and at the same time, it can better ensure the uniformity and depth of sub-soil operation. For example, a 380HP large tractor can be equipped with a seven-part plow for deep-loose ground preparation, and its fuel consumption is about 70 L/mu. If a 285HP tractor is used for deep-loose ground preparation, it can only be equipped with a five-part plow. At this time, the fuel consumption reached more than 100 L/mu. 

In other words, the Large power tractor will not consume too much fuel to complete the work per unit area but is conducive to fuel saving. In actual production, the selection of tractor power should be carried out according to the actual conditions of the cultivated land. In the case of large-scale operations, the fuel-saving performance of Large power tractors is very obvious.

Whats more, large power tractors are economical in use. The use of Large power tractors for production operations can effectively reduce the number of operators and obtain maximum economic benefits while ensuring good operating quality. At this stage, with the expansion of urbanization, the number of migrant workers from rural areas has gradually increased. There is a shortage of labor in rural areas, and the cost of hiring labor is getting higher and higher.

The use of Large power tractors for retesting operations not only reduces the operation process and saves the cost of agricultural machinery use, but also reduces the cost of hiring drivers for multiple operations, which is conducive to the reasonable control of the economic input of agricultural production.


Precautions for Use and Maintenance

Precautions for Use

The driving of a Large power tractor should be carried out strictly in accordance with the regulations and try to avoid damage to the tractor caused by illegal driving. When starting, the process of releasing the clutch pedal should be as slow as possible, and at the same time, give oil slowly until driving smoothly. Pay attention to avoid the impact caused by sudden lifting of the clutch pedal on the clutch and transmission components. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to step on the clutch or slide in neutral gear when driving or downhill, so as to avoid safety accidents. When a driving tractor needs to turn, it should slow down in advance and shift to a low gear. Choose a reasonable tractor operating speed, which can obtain the best production efficiency and economy in use, and effectively extend the service life of the tractor.

When the tractor is working normally, the differential is usually in a separated state. When the Large power tractor has a problem of unilateral skidding and is unable to travel when working in the field, the differential control pedal should be depressed to combine the differential to help the tractor. Drive out of the trapped area. Note that the Large power tractor cannot be operated to turn when the differential is combined to avoid abnormal tire wear, or even damage the central transmission or cause a rollover accident.


Maintenance precautions

The oil should be changed regularly during the use of Large power tractors. The selection of oil must meet the requirements of the corresponding tractor. The oil must be changed thoroughly. It is strictly forbidden to mix new and old oils. Different brands or different types of oils cannot be mixed. So as not to reduce the oil quality and affect the lubrication effect.

The air filter of a Large power tractor must be clean during use, and the air filter should be inspected and cleaned after each shift. After the maintenance of the air filter, the installation should ensure that the filter element and the air filter fit tightly and seamlessly, so as to prevent impurities from entering the diesel engine from the gap and causing wear.

 The fuel filter of a tractor is an important device to ensure the cleanliness of diesel. For the filter on a diesel engine, it is usually required to be replaced after 400 hours of use to ensure a reasonable filtration of the diesel.

For the lubricating oil replacement of the transmission system, the old lubricating oil should be drained from the oil drain plug first, re-tighten the screw plug and add new lubricating oil to the specified liquid level, start the engine and run it for 5 minutes, and then stop it. Check the position of the liquid level. If you find that the lubricating oil is insufficient, add it to the specified liquid level.

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