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CategoriesBig Tractors (>150HP)
Overall dimension (L× W × H)5280×2230×3060
Rated power132.6KW
Number of gears of the gearbox16F+16R
Power output speedClass III, three-point suspension
Safety shelf or cabAir - conditioned cab
FOB portNingbo or ShangHai Port
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, T/T
Update Time2021-12-08
Detail Information
Overall dimension (L× W × H)
Engine emission
National Emission Standard III
Rated power
Fuel consumption rate
Cluth type
The double-acting clutch adopts imported friction
Number of gears of the gearbox
Brake type
Wet and disc, hydrostatic control
Tillage control method
Position control, floating control, electronic lif
Hydraulic output multiway valve
Position control and floating control
Power output speed
Class III, three-point suspension
Safety shelf or cab
Air - conditioned cab
|  FAQ
Q1: How do I choose a wheeled or tracked tractor?
A: If you work in dry land or sandy land, you should choose wheeled tractors with stronger trafficability. If you work in muddy paddy fields, you should choose crawler tractors.

Q2: Can your tractor carry working accessories?
A: Most of our tractors with medium horsepower and above have hydraulic lifter and PTO device, which can easily carry out power output and support various working accessories.

Q3: If I use tractor to tow a trailer, how do my trailer brakes work?
A: If it is light mounted, it can be directly connected with the tractor and rely on the four-wheel braking system of the tractor itself. If it is heavy mounted, our tractor can be equipped with a pneumatic system, which can be connected with the trailer's braking system to provide power.

Q4: What should I choose between rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive?
A: If you prefer working on field, you should choose four-wheel drive(4WD). If you prefer transportation use, you can choose rear drive.
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