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CategoriesBig Tractors (>150HP)
Overall dimension (L× W × H)5718×2736×3300mm
Rated power172KW
Number of gears of the gearbox40F+40R
Brake typeMulti-disc wet brake with hydrostatic assistance
Power output speed4-position electronic-hydraulic proportional multi
FOB portNingbo or ShangHai Port
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, T/T
Update Time2021-12-08
Detail Information
Overall dimension (L× W × H)
Engine emission
Europe III
Rated power
Fuel consumption rate
Cluth type
Multi-disc wet
Number of gears of the gearbox
Brake type
Multi-disc wet brake with hydrostatic assistance
Tillage control method
Hydraulic control
Hydraulic output multiway valve
Position control and floating control
Power output speed
4-position electronic-hydraulic proportional multi
Safety shelf or cab
Air-conditioned cab
|  FAQ
Q1: How do I choose a wheeled or tracked tractor?
A: If you work in dry land or sandy land, you should choose wheeled tractors with stronger trafficability. If you work in muddy paddy fields, you should choose crawler tractors.

Q2: Can your tractor carry working accessories?
A: Most of our tractors with medium horsepower and above have hydraulic lifter and PTO device, which can easily carry out power output and support various working accessories.

Q3: If I use tractor to tow a trailer, how do my trailer brakes work?
A: If it is light mounted, it can be directly connected with the tractor and rely on the four-wheel braking system of the tractor itself. If it is heavy mounted, our tractor can be equipped with a pneumatic system, which can be connected with the trailer's braking system to provide power.

Q4: What should I choose between rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive?
A: If you prefer working on field, you should choose four-wheel drive(4WD). If you prefer transportation use, you can choose rear drive.
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